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Our services focus on dentures, preservative dentistry and reconstruction. This field requires not only practice, but also professional equipments and every necessary is at our disposal in our clinic. We put emphasis on prevention as well. On their visit our clients get to know the foundations of oral hygiene in detail and also learns oral and tooth-care practices. Let us intorduce you our most frequently used treatments! We have uploaded some videos to showcase them in detail but should you have any further questions, contact us at +36 30 145 1380 or make an appointment online!

Introducing our treatments


A crown is usually suggested in cases of severe damage of the tooth’s crown part which cannot be reconstructed with a simple filling. This is most... See More


We make a bridge when an implant is not desired for whatever reason or the bone matter is simply scarce. The two teeth next to the gap are connected... See More


An implant is essentially an artificial root. This method is only accessible when an appropriate amount of bone tissue is available. This artificial... See More

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is needed when the patient wants a permanent denture with an implant but the relevant area doesn’t have enough bone matter. In such... See More

Dental CT (CBCT)

So that none of our patients have to run around between doctor’s offices. Be it estimating the amount of bone tissue or inserting implants, we can... See More

Dental hygienic treatments

A fundamental criteria for every treatment is that the patient has the appropriate oral hygiene. During plaque removal our professional dental... See More

Filling therapy, inlay

Cavities are filled with high-quality, teeth-coloured fillings made by great international manufacturers. It is always more favourable to get a... See More


Organisation worries you as much as the procedure itself? Fortunately, the services of TrendDent offer more than an average dentist.

Choose our VIP package and trust us!

The treatment of our VIP clients starts at the Hungarian airport where a private car picks them up and takes them to their accommodations, which could be booked with our help. Of course the same is true for your return journey and during your stay, TrendDent provides you a season ticket for public transport and customer support via phone in English, German or Norwegian.
Consultation, screening and panoramic X-ray are all included as part of the package. We recommend using the VIP package for those patients whose treatment will be likely to exceed 3000 euros.


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