Dental hygienic treatments

A fundamental criteria for every treatment is that the patient has the appropriate oral hygiene. During plaque removal our professional dental hygienist colleague not only decreases the amount of plaque and therefore bacteria but helps in acquiring the appropriate tooth brushing techniques as well. We get rid of small stains with Air-flow, a high-pressure fine-grained salt polish. As far as teeth-whitening goes, we recommend the splint whitening which is completely painless.


Standard price VIP price
Consultation 50 EUR Free
Second consultation 50 EUR Free EUR
Ultrasound plaque cleaning and polishing 70 EUR 80 EUR
Airflow sanding 20 EUR 25 EUR
Anaesthetic plaque removal in quadrants 25 EUR/quadrant 30 EUR/quadrant
Tooth whitening 90 EUR/jaw 110 EUR/jaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dental Hygienists have attended a multi-year course to remove your tartar with the
utmost expertise.

General symptoms of inflammation are common. In case of inflammation, the gums swell and become red. If any of these occurs to you, request an appointment with our dental hygienists!

Yes, periodontal disease is usually accompanied by bad breath, which can be very unpleasant for both the patient and the environment.

Periodontal disease can have many consequences due to the bacteria growing in the mouth. Just to highlight one: it can cause premature birth for mothers.

You can prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease by acquiring proper dental care
techniques and regular tartar removal.

Yes, everyone develops tartar, since tartar is formed by the precipitation of minerals in the plaque on the tooth.

Many teeth can be sensitive, but we offer the opportunity to request a local anesthetic for the treatment.


Organisation worries you as much as the procedure itself? Fortunately, the services of TrendDent offer more than an average dentist.

Choose our VIP package and trust us!

The treatment of our VIP clients starts at the Hungarian airport where a private car picks them up and takes them to their accommodations, which could be booked with our help. Of course the same is true for your return journey and during your stay, TrendDent provides you a season ticket for public transport and customer support via phone in English, German or Norwegian.
Consultation, screening and panoramic X-ray are all included as part of the package. We recommend using the VIP package for those patients whose treatment will be likely to exceed 3000 euros.


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