An implant is essentially an artificial root. This method is only accessible when an appropriate amount of bone tissue is available. This artificial root serves as an anchor for various dentures. In these cases the implant gets a middle item and a crown, only then is the area reconstructed. Unlike in the case of a bridge, the neighbouring teeth are not abraded.

Here is an animated video showing the treatment process.


Standard price
Simple tooth removal 75 EUR
Surgical tooth removal/ wisdom tooth removal 150 EUR
Straumann implant 710 EUR
DIO implant 450 EUR
Titanium in-between item 157 EUR
Zircon in-between item 236 EUR
Fully removable denture 725 EUR
Temporary denture 690 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

In all cases, when the implant is implanted, the surgical site is anesthetized locally, so the procedure itself is completely painless, but in the next 4-5 days, the patient may fever due to tissue trauma and swelling of the area.

It depends on the type of implant and the amount of bone tissue. Following the implantation of the artificial root, the recovery period is approximately 3-6 months, after that the implant is ready to be loaded with the crown or the bridge, which takes 5-10 business days.

Bone replacements are needed when the sufficient amount of bones for implant placement is not available, so you must first replace it. These interventions are performed under local anesthesia with biocompatible bone substitutes. So nothing gets in the body that could cause inflammation or infection in the future.

An artificial root can be a lifetime solution if the patient complies our recommended oral hygiene practice and regularly goes for control tests.

Prior to implantation, a condition survey is performed to examine the affected area and determine the degree of success of the implantation. Only if the outcome of the intervention is successful, we consider the intervention a long-term and recommended solution for the patient. We have a 10-year warranty on our implants. If beyond the patient’s fault – see. our warranty – he/she will lose your implant within the warranty period, we will reinsert it for free of charge or if this is not possible we will provide a 30% discount on the cost of alternative dentures.


Organisation worries you as much as the procedure itself? Fortunately, the services of TrendDent offer more than an average dentist.

Choose our VIP package and trust us!

The treatment of our VIP clients starts at the Hungarian airport where a private car picks them up and takes them to their accommodations, which could be booked with our help. Of course the same is true for your return journey and during your stay, TrendDent provides you a season ticket for public transport and customer support via phone in English, German or Norwegian.
Consultation, screening and panoramic X-ray are all included as part of the package. We recommend using the VIP package for those patients whose treatment will be likely to exceed 3000 euros.


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