A crown is usually suggested in cases of severe damage of the tooth’s crown part which cannot be reconstructed with a simple filling. This is most commonly caused by a cavity but we have experience with other kinds of damages as well. In these cases we abrade the tooth and take an impression, even digitally, and the dental technician creates the crown. We work with metal ceramic, gold ceramic and full ceramic covered crowns, the choice of material varies according to each given situation.


Standard price VIP price
Metal ceramic crown 225 EUR/unit 260 EUR/unit
Zircon ceramic crown 325 EUR/unit 380 EUR/unit
Gold-ceramic crown 225 EUR/unit + gold material price 255 EUR/unit + gold material price
Temporary crown (made in the clinic) 20 EUR/unit 25 EUR/unit
Temporary crown (made in a lab) 40 EUR/unit 45 EUR/unit
Metal ceramic crown for implants 390-485 EUR/unit 450-560 EUR/unit
Zircon ceramic crown for implants 550 EUR/unit 630 EUR/unit
Fully removable denture 390 EUR 450 EUR
Temporary denture 290 EUR 335 EUR
Partial plated denture (in case of combined work) 615 EUR 710 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

For crowns, the waiting time is usually 5 working days for final bonding.

For a solo crown, we take the impression at the first visit, and if all parameters (height and color) fit, it is cemented at the next time.

Prior to the grinding and imprinting of the crown, the dentist always examines the history of the tooth and if it is necessary we use local anesthesia to minimize the inconvenience of the workflow.

The metal ceramic crowns are made of Nickel-free CoCr, which is the standard dental crown, and this is where the ceramic veil is applied.
In gold-ceramic, the frame is a gold alloy that is more lifelike because of its warm yellowish colour and can be exploited for its bactericidal properties.
Full (zirconium) ceramic crowns have better light transmission and are recommended for front teeth.

Of course, we will protect the area either a crown made on the spot or with a long-term, temporary crown made by a dental technician, which is aesthetically pleasing to the patient.


Organisation worries you as much as the procedure itself? Fortunately, the services of TrendDent offer more than an average dentist.

Choose our VIP package and trust us!

The treatment of our VIP clients starts at the Hungarian airport where a private car picks them up and takes them to their accommodations, which could be booked with our help. Of course the same is true for your return journey and during your stay, TrendDent provides you a season ticket for public transport and customer support via phone in English, German or Norwegian.
Consultation, screening and panoramic X-ray are all included as part of the package. We recommend using the VIP package for those patients whose treatment will be likely to exceed 3000 euros.


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