Dental CT (CBCT)

So that none of our patients have to run around between doctor’s offices. Be it estimating the amount of bone tissue or inserting implants, we can perform all the necessary tests required on sight. Possible inflammation of the area is revealed during the examination. Inflamed teeth can cause other illnesses and even hair loss, dermatological diseases, heart problems and other unpleasant focal infections as well.


Standard price VIP price
Consultation, screening 50 EUR Free
Small X-ray 6 EUR Free
Panoramic X-ray 20 EUR Free
CBCT – single tooth 35 EUR 40 EUR
CBCT – quadrant 35 EUR 40 EUR
CBCT – maxilla 40 EUR 45 EUR
CBCT – mandibular 45 EUR 45 EUR
CBCT – large-volume dentistry 65 EUR 75 EUR
Ear and nose surgery/sinus CT 65 EUR 75 EUR
Bite registration 65 EUR 75 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

With our current highest resolution, we can achieve 64 micron precision. This means that potentially wide-flanked side channels and very tiny hairline cracks, will appear in the images.

We can make CT scans in multiple sizes and resolutions in order to expose the patients to the least amount of radiation, but at the same time to get the most accurate measurement needed. However, even the most detailed image does not exceed the radiation exposure received during a flight.

X-rays provide a 2D image, which does not always allow an accurate diagnosis to be made and an assessment of the bone needed for implantation. The CT image created in 3D provides a great help in all these.


Organisation worries you as much as the procedure itself? Fortunately, the services of TrendDent offer more than an average dentist.

Choose our VIP package and trust us!

The treatment of our VIP clients starts at the Hungarian airport where a private car picks them up and takes them to their accommodations, which could be booked with our help. Of course the same is true for your return journey and during your stay, TrendDent provides you a season ticket for public transport and customer support via phone in English, German or Norwegian.
Consultation, screening and panoramic X-ray are all included as part of the package. We recommend using the VIP package for those patients whose treatment will be likely to exceed 3000 euros.


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